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Global experience, local impact

Quality is fundamental to Arati Enterprise's business.
      In the Management, Organisation and Checking of Water
      Treatment Works, the company applies the quality as per
      standards. At the same time as it was developing its
      technical expertise the company updated all its
      information systems and made a number of investments
      in equipments used in its processing works.

In the area of Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work, Arati
      Enterprise has invested continually in improving the
      working conditions of its staff and has scrupulously
      observed its legal obligations. In this context Arati
      Enterprise has held regular educational and training
      sessions as it believes in making its professional teams
      aware of their responsibilities.

In relation to its social and ethical management, Arati
      Enterprise is committed to acting within the framework
      of laws and best current practices. In relation to
      environmental management it works in accordance with
      quality standard, and regularly carries out environmental
      inspections on each site identifying problems and
      working out how best to correct them.